Friday, August 20, 2010


My blog needs a makeover. No, let's be broader here. *I* need a makeover. In every sense of the word. I need a physical makeover. I need a spiritual makeover. I need a makeover of my life. Its not a bad thing, no heartaches or catastrophes. Just a deep realization that this is not all I want out of life.

It started like night as I was laying on the couch watching some low-budge movie off of Netflix, I sighed. Nothing was wrong, and even given the budget, the movie was half-way decent. But there I was again, one more night, laying on the couch watching a movie.

I have an entire armoire (plus a plastic tote, plus a rolling cart, plus to sets of drawers - yes, its bad) of paper-crafting supplies. Yet, aside from gifts, I cannot remember the last time I did scrapbooking. I can say with certainty there has been none in the last 3 or 4 months. Granted, its not as fun to scrapbook now that I don't have Zack to come home and show my pages too. But what about ME? I've forgotten the joy of creating something beautiful out of scraps of paper and glue.

I have a whole notebook of recipes I have been collecting (and continue to collect - I'm a sucker for food magazines), yet have wearing out the same tried and true few with the excuse of "its no fun when the only people you're cooking for are four and five." Granted, that's true. They have the same reaction if I make mac-n-cheese for the 3rd time in the week, or if I spend two hours on a home-made stew and bread. But what about ME? I've forgotten the joy of cooking a delightful meal for my very own tastebuds.

And then there are the other things like reading my scriptures, doing Bible story each night with the kids, excercising, keeping my house how I like it, etc that seem to have just fallen by the wayside.

I am superb at planning. Its a natural gift. I can set goals, plan things, lay everything out, and have the BEST intentions. But when it comes to follow-thru, well, I kinda suck.

So, I'm making this blog my accountability. I'm going to pretend I have readers out there that are depending on me. That want to read what I write and are somewhere out there saying their own little cheer for me. Heck, maybe I do have those readers! If not, maybe by the end of this adventure, I will.

Here's what I'm going to do. I will post something every night. And every night I will do something that makes me feel a bit better about myself. Every morning I will wake up a little earlier (I may have to disable my snooze button!) to read my scriptures and to work out (you can track my weight loss journey at my new blog, MILF in the Making).

I am going to stop being, and start living.

And I'm taking YOU along for the ride.

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  1. Go Angie GO!!!!! I'm cheering for you! And honestly I'm in need of a makeover as well. So hopefully I'll be taking each step with you. Miss you!