Saturday, May 1, 2010


So, in one of my recent late night blog browsings, I came across Juice Box Monsters over at Crafts by Amanda. I was drooling over them, as I knew Zeal would love them. He's rather into his monsters.

So today, as I finished up my Quiet Books and had a heap of felt scraps, I figured there was no better time to make Zeal a new little monster family. I don't have any juice boxes, so I dug for my recycle bin for what I did have - an instant pudding box, a rice pilaf box, and a soda can. Add some rice (to weigh them down), a hot glue gun, and felt, and you've got yourself these cute little guys. Zeal was rather excited to have a monster family on his shelf in his room.

Quiet books

Well, after quite a long time in progress, the kids' quiet books are FINALLY done! They ended up coming together rather well, save for a bit of ghetto sewing. But hey, my kids don't mind if the thread doesn't match the felt! Below are pictures. Tabby's ended up with baking pages, complete with oven, cookies, and milk you can 'dunk' in; a face; a mailbox (her favorite); and forest pages with felt animals and little plastic fish for the pond. Zeal's book has dinosaur pages with little plastic dinos; a face; camping page with scary man fingerpuppet and a sleeping bag; and car pages with roads, parking spots, and a gas pump. There are little zipper pencil pouches in the back (from the dollar store) to keep all the little pieces in. Ta-da! Now to sew some simple bags to keep these, their Bibles, and coloring stuff in and we'll be totally ready for church.


My poor little blog has been terribly neglected, as have been my handful of readers - apologies! I will try, try, try to be better! That means I have to be better at creating, AND I have to be better at posting! Here are a few of the things I did in my blogging hiatus, and more will be coming!