Monday, March 28, 2011

Peep Peep!

I was wanting an Easter wreath to go with my cute nibbled carrots in the entryway. This was the EASIEST thing ever. Here it is in 3 simple steps.

1) Get supplies (wreath, Peeps, glue gun).
2) Glue Peeps.
3) Hang up.

So simple, even a caveman could do it. :)

Messy Monday

Today was one of *those* days and had the potential of going downhill fast. It needed turned around, and it needed turned around fast! So I dubbed it "Messy Monday." We ate dinner without our utensils (I really wished I had pudding, but alas, I didn't). I had thought we would use our fingers, but Zeal started right off by nose-diving into his noodles and using the suck-like-a-vaccum technique. Apparantly he didn't think my vaccum technique was very good, as he told me, "It sounds like you're trying to kiss your noodles or something!"

Then we painted with Peeps. As my mom said, painting with Peeps may be the only thing they are good for. The kids wanted to eat them, and despite my repeated attempts to disuade them, I came out of the kitchen from washing my hands to see Zeal's cheeks full like a chipmunk, and his lips covered in green paint. Good thing we used non-toxic paint. :)


Tabby and I were discussing surgery and I mentioned that usually you were asleep when you had surgery. Her response:

Tabs: "Do they give you medicine to help you fall asleep?"
Me: "Um, yes."
Tabs: "That makes sense."
Me: "Why?"
Tabs: "Because they can't have surgery at night because then they would all be asleep too!"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Nibbled Carrots

Tonight I dug out the Easter decor while the kids were watching a movie, and realized that I have a shamefully small amount! Like, we're talking my Peeps lights (which somehow survived my ex-husband, who threatened to throw them away each Easter), a mug, an ugly-as-sin stuffed Peep chick (which I'm totally happy Zeal has confiscated for his room), and some bunny crafts the kids did last year.

I was all ready to pull out my bunny paper and scrap some cool creation. But while I have a huge armoire and two big dressers of scrap-crap, I have ZERO Easter stuff. I kid you not. Not one bunny sticker, bunny paper, or bunny embelishment. ZERO.

This is probably because I don't really like bunnies all that much.

Anyhow, I decided to troll blog-land, and I found some uber-cute carrot crafts! Way cute, and yet they don't scream "EASTER!" quite like eggs and bunnies do.

I made one tonight, this great carrot picture from over at Positively Splendid. Hers is made with fabric and is dimensional. Mine is the dumbed down paper version, but I still love it. I also used another carrot for a simple background for my entryway magnetic board.

Next on my agenda are these amazing yarn carrots from homework. I can't wait to do them, but I need to get yarn first. Stay tuned for them in all of their awesomeness later next week!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baked Flan

Yesterday I posted on Facebook, "My flan is wiggly" and I was surprised at how many people responded not knowing what flan was. What is flan? What is flan?!?! Only the most delightful dessert ever! Here is the recipe I use over at (which as I've said, is my cooking Bible).

It is succulent, it is wonderful, and it is smooth and creamy, and it is probably like 200 calories per spoonful. You'll see why when you see the ingredients. But it is WELL worth ruining your diet for.

My experience is that it takes longer than the 50-60 minutes to cook. I make mine in a loaf pan, and it took me about 90 minutes. It probably would have been okay at 80 minutes. Just keep checking it. A bit of 'wiggle' is okay, as it will set up more in the fridge.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Nummy!!! Mandarin Chicken Roll-Ups

Its been a while since I posted a recipe, and I love this one! These wraps make me think - SUMMER!!! They are so easy, super yummy, and the kids like them to boot. So here, for your taste buds pleasure, are my Mandarin Chicken Roll-Ups!

Mandarin Chicken Roll-Ups
flour tortillas - 1 per person
cream cheese
chicken, cooked and cubed - 1 breast should do about 2-3 big wraps
canned mandarin oranges, drained
canned pineapple tidbits, drained
cashews pieces
green onions

1) Smear cream cheese on tortilla.
2) Sprinkle a handful of chicken, a handful of oranges, a handful of pineapple, a handful of cashews, and some green onions on the tortilla.
3) Roll up and wrap in saran wrap.
4) Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, serve, and enjoy!

Let's Do 52 - Weeks 10-11

Here's some posts for the Let's Do 52 challenge!

Feet or Fear
I LOVE this picture! The idea came to me while driving home and as soon as we got home I had to take the picture!

Power or Up
I took a bunch of pictures for this challenge, and I kept reverting back to this picture of my tree with new buds on it. It's my "up" picture...not because its up high or looking or up or anything, but because spring brings my *spirits* up! Every time I see a bulb poking through or fresh buds on a tree, or hear the birds waking up their vocal cords, I feel a little surge of happy.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bring on the Rain!

I took down my Valentines Decor (finally!) today and needed something to replace it with. Its really to early for Easter stuff, and I'm not big into the shamrock and leprechaun things for St. Patty's day. I decided to go with the rainbow theme - a bit of St. Patty's Day feel to it, but also very spring-y. I grabbed the great rainbow printable from eighteen25, who took it from Rebecca Cooper. Print, frame, and there you have it!

For the little picture, I took a 5x7 canvas I had, printed an *old* pic of the kids playing in the rain (in Fairbanks!), and adhered that to the canvas. I then raided my ribbon stash, and made a rainbow edge. Add ink to the edges (blue, for rain), and you've got the finished product.

Simple, cheap, and cute!

And while we're talking about rain, I LOVE this song by Charlotte Martin called "Everytime it Rains." It's definately going on my life soundtrack...

Let's Do 52 - Week 9 - Play/Round

So, one of the points of this challenge is to take new pictures. But well, I didn't this week, and honestly, this is my blog, so I'll put up whatever pictures I want! He, he, he...

I took this picture last Easter. The kids were playing after church on the playground outside, and Zeal kept peeking through the holes drilled in the Big Toy. When I heard Week 9's theme, this is the first picture I thought of. So I'm using it! :)