Monday, March 28, 2011

Messy Monday

Today was one of *those* days and had the potential of going downhill fast. It needed turned around, and it needed turned around fast! So I dubbed it "Messy Monday." We ate dinner without our utensils (I really wished I had pudding, but alas, I didn't). I had thought we would use our fingers, but Zeal started right off by nose-diving into his noodles and using the suck-like-a-vaccum technique. Apparantly he didn't think my vaccum technique was very good, as he told me, "It sounds like you're trying to kiss your noodles or something!"

Then we painted with Peeps. As my mom said, painting with Peeps may be the only thing they are good for. The kids wanted to eat them, and despite my repeated attempts to disuade them, I came out of the kitchen from washing my hands to see Zeal's cheeks full like a chipmunk, and his lips covered in green paint. Good thing we used non-toxic paint. :)

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