Friday, March 25, 2011

Nibbled Carrots

Tonight I dug out the Easter decor while the kids were watching a movie, and realized that I have a shamefully small amount! Like, we're talking my Peeps lights (which somehow survived my ex-husband, who threatened to throw them away each Easter), a mug, an ugly-as-sin stuffed Peep chick (which I'm totally happy Zeal has confiscated for his room), and some bunny crafts the kids did last year.

I was all ready to pull out my bunny paper and scrap some cool creation. But while I have a huge armoire and two big dressers of scrap-crap, I have ZERO Easter stuff. I kid you not. Not one bunny sticker, bunny paper, or bunny embelishment. ZERO.

This is probably because I don't really like bunnies all that much.

Anyhow, I decided to troll blog-land, and I found some uber-cute carrot crafts! Way cute, and yet they don't scream "EASTER!" quite like eggs and bunnies do.

I made one tonight, this great carrot picture from over at Positively Splendid. Hers is made with fabric and is dimensional. Mine is the dumbed down paper version, but I still love it. I also used another carrot for a simple background for my entryway magnetic board.

Next on my agenda are these amazing yarn carrots from homework. I can't wait to do them, but I need to get yarn first. Stay tuned for them in all of their awesomeness later next week!

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