Sunday, March 14, 2010

Be Happy

Don't worry... I promise I will not start posting every scrapbook page I do on my blog! But I thought this one, created with the "Life is Good" kit from Treasury of Memories (thanks for the kit, Laura!), was worth commenting on.

The title of this scrapbook page is "Be Happy" but it could have just as easily been labeled "Be Thankful." Because really, that is what this page is about. You wouldn't know it from the pictures, but they were taken at a really rough time in my life.

These pictures were taken in June of 2009, about 2 months after the kids and I moved back to Washington, and just a few weeks before Zack came down and took the kids back to Alaska. I was without a job, struggling with being a full-time SAHM to two children adapting to change, and dealing with the emotional difficulties of the pending divorce between Zack and I. I had very little money, and sometimes very little patience.

But I will tell you what I did have... my family and my faith. I made sure to get away with my kids about once every week or two and go on an 'outing.' For the price of gas we were able to get away from a lot of the stress, from the change, from the uncertainty, and just be US.

This trip to Fort Casey in June was one of those outings. I packed a picnic lunch and the kids and I ate on the beach and flew kites (thanks Neal!). The kids made Father's Day gifts for their Dad with shells and rocks they collected along the waters edge. I played chicken with the waves and enjoyed the peace of God's creation.

It was a few hours in time that I could let go of the worries of if my children were going to be okay being raised by a single mom, if I was going to be able to pay the bills, if I was going to find a job, if the divorce was going to go smoothly, if the kids were going to adjust to life in a new place, and all the other miraid of things. It was a time to just be family and enjoy each other.

I would never wish a divorce on anyone, nor would I wish unemployment. I wouldn't wish any of the ensuing custody and child support drama on anyone. But I will testify to this... God meets us where we are. God shows Himself in the little things. And God uses each and every situation we are in - good or bad - to teach us. Through all the mess and drama and pain, He showed me His amazing LOVE for me. He taught me there is nothing more precious in the world than family. He taught me JOY in the midst of pain. And He taught me that through faith in Him, He will help me to endure.


  1. Wow, reading this gave me such "chill bumps"! I love you! Thanks for sharing your faith!