Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scrabble Charms

Quite a while ago I had seen this great post over at Chasing Cheerios, where she used her kids' scaled down artwork to make necklace charms. I loved the idea! Unfortunately, the pictures on the link seem to be broken now, so you can't experience the awesomeness. Anyhow, Scrabble tile necklaces are all the rage now, so I decided tonight to try to make some myself.

First I did this one, with a pic of my kiddos, as a gift for my mom. This picture by no means does it justice - its actually rather cute. This was SO easy. I printed off a contact-sized picture of the kids that had plenty of 'white space' around the actual part of the picture I wanted as I had to cut the picture down quite a bit. I then used some 'Glossy Accents' to adhere the picture to a Scrabble tile and make it all shiny and pretty. I also used that to adhere the necklace-hangy-piece (yes, that IS the official name) to the back of the tile. Wait to dry, add a spare chain you have in your jewelry box, and you have yourself a beautiful gift, for less than $2.

I then had to try my own spin. I'd seen a similar type necklace at this great etsy site (I *so* want the 'read' earrings!), and decided to try it myself. I just glued the tiles together using the Glossy Accents, waited for it to dry, and added to the back. I am TOTALLY in love with this! I had to make one for my dear friend Laura too. I'm thinking next I may add a matching hair barette. So fun!

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