Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's Do 52 - Weeks 12-16

Here are my pictures from weeks 12-16 for the Let's Do 52 project being hosted by Paint the Moon. I'm missing week 13...just haven't found anything good for the theme yet, but when I do I'll post it!

Week 12 - Handwritten
Tabby is learning to write at school this year, and I love her writing, her spelling, and the things she deems worthy of writing!

Week 14 - Softness

What is softer than cherry blossoms? They are so beautiful, and they just scream (or should it be whisper? I somehow don't think cherry blossoms scream...) that spring has arrived.

Week 15 - Unexpected
Somebody put eggs all over our lawn a few days before Easter, and when we came home there was an unexpected egg hunt. I love this picture, as it shows the total and complete JOY on Zeal's face.

Week 16 - Refreshing
Little is more refreshing than a spring rain. Well, unless you live in Washington, and then spring rain is nearly constant. But still...something about spring rains is still refreshing. I love the smell right before rain, and the earthy scent after the rain.

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