Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sprintime in a Jar

Today the sun was out, and all was good. No, things did not run perfectly. I did not have a perfectly behaved child. I did not gain extra hours to clean the house (or a maid to do it for me!). I did not wake up totally refreshed, or at no point get frustrated. But for some reason the sun just puts a spin on things.

Springtime gives a sense of hope, of renewal, of new beginnings and fresh starts. Springtime makes my soul feel excited, like its twirling in circles inside of me. Springtimes makes me believe in the power of love and the kindness of humanity. Springtime makes me grateful for my blessings, and makes me appreciate the little things.

There were many little things I noticed and appreciated today...the new sprouts on my rose bush out front, a daffodil blooming in the back yard, my daughter's outgoing and spirted nature, the taste of good coffee in the morning, sewing with my back door open. And yes, this...sun tea...a bit of springtime in a jar...

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