Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thinking Like a Blogger

I have never really understood the blog scene until recently I started searching for activities to do with my kids and crafts to get out some of my creative energy. I discovered a blog, which linked to another blog, which linked to another, and so on. Next thing you know, I'm an addict. I'm checking my favorite ones a couple times a week and looking forward to the kids going to bed so I can jump online and look for new great ones.

I've realized that I've started thinking like a blogger, too. Never before would I have taken pictures of my baking gone bad, or the step-by-step process to sew my placemats. I find myself thinking, "Ooh! That would be fun to share with people!" when I do projects with my kids.

So, I'm breaking down and starting a blog of my own. Welcome to Modern Day Super Mommy!Because who else can do the dishes, fold the laundry, sew a dress, talk on the phone, and break up sibling rivalry all in one bound?

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