Monday, August 23, 2010

MTM meets FHE - Noah

Here's our first Muffin Tin Mondays meets Family Home Evening posting (although we've been doing them for several weeks now). The kids really love this tradition, and look forward to all aspects of the evening - the fun dinner, the Bible story, and the activity. Tonight we learned about Noah. We had 'rainbow' dinners, which was a bit untraditional, as we didn't eat out of our muffin tins. We just ate out of the liners! We read the story of Noah out of their children's Bible and talked about God's promise in the rainbow. We did two crafts. One was a ribbon rainbw, which honestly turned out rather dorky. Then we did rainbow rocks. I'd seen the idea on the blog eighteen25, and it was really cool! I wish we'd had more rocks - I think we'll do this craft again someday! The kids now have a visual reminder in their little rocks of God's promise. Another MTM FHE success!

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