Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thinking Cap Thursday - iTunes U

So, this post is more about learning about learning, rather than just learning. (Uh...does that even come close to making sense?!) Anyhow, my step-mom recently told me about iTunes U. It is a huge collection of lectures, information, videos, etc. from universities and other educational institutes. The best part? Its totally, 100% free. Yup! Just click on the iTunes U link at the top of your iTunes store, and pretty soon you'll be knee deep in stuff to learn about! One of the ones I saw had 12 1-hour lectures, lecture notes, and an entire textbook! Seriously, that's as intense as taking a college class! I spent a good hour browsing today, and I'm downloading some things on bipolar children, something called the Hope Project, and next I'll probably grab some lectures on Greek mythology! Sooo cool, and what a great way to keep your brain in shape! Maybe next Thursday you'll be hearing about what I've learned so far! Keep those thinkin' caps on!

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  1. I so miss my Ipod. This sounds like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing! Totally telling my friends with macs and iphones/pods this!!