Monday, January 17, 2011

Heart Art

I ran into this great Heart Specimen Art over at Embellishing Life, and I knew I just had to try it to add to my 'classy' Valentines Day decor.

Today during my trip to the Dollar Tree I found a great red frame guessed it...only one buck! I knew it would be perfect.

This was by far one of the easiest crafts I have done. The only 'issue' I had was getting over my OCD for long enough to accept that my hearts will not be perfectly and evenly spaced. :)

This is what I did...
As I watched 'How to Train a Dragon' with the kiddos I used my heart punch to make a slew of hearts out of some old book pages. I then hot glued a piece of tan fabric to the backing of the frame. Using pop dots, I affixed the hearts in as straight of lines as I could, leaving room in the middle for my bigger heart. For that one, I used a chipboard heart, which I inked red. Slip the whole thing in the frame, without the glass, and voila! Heart Art is born! Total time, about 10 minutes. Total cost, $1 plus random supplies I had on hand. Yes, this one was a success.


  1. turned out great! Am gonna have to try to make it to Dollar Tree; I keep forgetting the treasures that can be found at dollar stores! I use burlap for my backgrounds cause it's cheap! My JoAnn's has burlap in 5 colors and with coupon, it's about $ 2.45 a yard!

  2. Love this! You inspired me to do an art class yesterday with the boys. I wish I had a heart punch.