Saturday, January 8, 2011

Looking Back on 2011

(inspired by Single Dad Lauging’s post)

2011 was a year to remember and look back on with a smile.

At the start of 2011 I made the decision to stop allowing life to happen to me, but rather, to make life happen for me! I decided to choose to live life and live it for all it was worth! This year I was happy and in control of my life!

I started out 2011 at 172 pounds, but by my birthday I was down below my goal weight and looking the best I had in years. This summer I participated again in “Run With the Cops, Not From Them” and I also ran in several other 5Ks. I am feeling healthy and sexy!

Speaking of sexy, this Valentines Day I bought myself a red dress and went out on the town just because I could! Sometimes it’s important for a woman to feel girly, and this year I made sure I allowed myself to do so often. I also grew my hair out to my waist, and then cut it, donating it to Locks of Love.

Tabby and Zeal had a great year. They both made it through the year healthy and happy. Tabby really excelled in school and Zeal continued to learn and grow. They learned to be kinder and more patient with each other, and I learned as well to be more patient with them. Zack and I worked together to be good parents to the children, and were able to put aside any personal differences to focus on the children.

When the kids went to visit Zack over the summer I was able to take a road trip, enjoy some time with girlfriends, and just relax for a while.

As a family we also did a lot of really great things together – camping trips, hikes, trips to the zoo, and little outings and adventures. We also really tried to contribute to the community and help out others as much as we could.

I was able to keep my job, even in these hard economic times, and continue to enjoy my work. I love seeing people grow and change their lives, and I am happy to be even a small part of this change in their lives.

I spent time with my family, and hung out with my friends. I loved deeply and I lived well.

Yes, 2011 was a year to remember.


  1. don't you mean 2010? just sayin...

    i mean, i'm sure 2011 will be too, but let's not rush things!

  2. No Jenn, I meant 2011. Check out the post from Single Dad Laughing. The idea is to write about 2011 as if it already happened and be thinking positive about all the great stuff that WILL happen. Like New Years Resolutions, only cooler.