Sunday, January 23, 2011

Now I... Sing

As promised in my post, "I Used To...", here is the start of my "Now I..." series of posts. I used to sing. In 8th grade my mom and I were sitting in the counselor's office trying to decide on an elective for me to take. The counselor mentioned choir and asked if I sang. My mom kinda laughed and said, "Maybe in the shower." That was it for me. My stubborn streak kicked in and I dug in my heels. I wanted choir. I took choir, and I loved it.

I continued to take choir in high school, and loved singing. I started singing on my own too - in church, at talent shows, and my favorite...the national anthem at the Tacoma Dome for the state wrestling tournaments.

In college I continued singing. I was part of a few different church worship teams, and sang the national anthem at the 'senior night' WWU basketball game (which is how my 'true identity' was revealed - Mr Viking couldn't very well sing with his mascot head on!). Even after I was married I sang, mostly for church things. And every so often Zack would ask me to sing to him.

Sometime around the time I moved to Alaska I stopped singing. I became, like my mom had said so many years prior, a shower singer only. And that has where I have remained. I enjoy singing, and will occasionally 'rock out' to a song on the radio, but I haven't really sung just for me (or for anyone else for that matter) in quite a while.

So in lieu of that, here is me...singing on completely embarassing! But, like my last post said, "What would you do if you were brave?" I guess I would post a video of me singing. Ha ha! So enjoy, or don't. Either way, know that its not that I "used to" sing... I still do! (Kareoke, here I come - it is one of my goals this year!)

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  1. Love it! Beautiful voice. On the third Thursday of every month, my boyfriend and I participate in an open mic night. It's SUPER casual. It's in a book store. I was in a similar place last year - where I "used to" write poetry. Now I write and read it at these open mics! It's been a really good thing for my creative side and it's very supportive. If you're interested in joining us some month - message me on Facebook!