Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's Do 52 - Playing Catch-Up

Soo....there is this photo challenge going on over at Paint the Moon Photography called "Lets Do 52." The basic premise is that there is a new photography challenge each week for folks. I got in on it a bit late, but here's the 'challenges' thus far:

1) What's Your Viewpoint?
2) Togetherness or Metal
3) Abandoned or Doors

I'm going to attempt to 'catch up.' Looking through all the other folks' pictures is a bit daunting because they are SUCH high quality! I've got a little point and shoot camera, I don't know how to use photoshop or any other photo editing software, and well...sometimes I kinda suck at photography. But I have to remind me this is a personal challenge, not a competition! And if the challenge helps me to grow and take better pictures, then its worth it! Plus, it should be fun!

What's Your Viewpoint
This is a picture I took when Dad and Lisa came to visit the first week of January. We were at Hurricane Ridge. I stood at the bottom of a hill to take this picture - I love how it looks like they're crossing a mountain peak!

Togetherness or Metal
I chose togetherness for this one, and took a sweet picture of my daughter and my hand. The photo isn't superb, but I do love that little hand.

Abandoned or Doors
So this is my son's boots abandoned by the front door. I took a bunch of these, but I like the angle on the picture the best.

This week's challenge is Blessings or Tiny. Stay tuned for that picture sometime this week.

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