Sunday, January 9, 2011

Valentines Day Rustic Wreath

When I first saw this rustic driftwood wreath over at alisaburke, I was totally in love! I knew I wated to make one and asked Zack to pick me up some driftwood from Ketchikan. He did, and I've had a backpack full of shells and wood in my garage just waiting for the right moment to make a wreath.

I was wanting some Valentines Day decor that wasn' and mushy. So I decided to try my hand at this wreath.

I also added a heart made out of mussel shells to give it a bit more of a Valentines Day touch.

As you can see, mine isn't quite as circular, or near as 'filled out' as hers (I didn't have any little pieces of driftwood), but I'm happy with the end result.

Here's a preview of the rest of my V-Day decor as well. I made the people with some of my scrabook stash, and my magenetic board is made with a few pieces of Scrabble paper and some popdots. The entryway still needs a bit of something else - maybe a little topiary or something?

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  1. Angie,
    Love it! I am now inspired by two people to do more paper crafts and the time flies.