Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tantalizing Tuesday - Parmesan Asparagus

This recipe should have the subtitle "Asparagus for Beginners." It was incredibly simple and unbelievably tasty. YUM!

I got the recipe from, which if you don't use as your cooking Bible, you really should. You can find the recipe, complete with pictures, reviews, etc here, or you can use mine below. The only change I made to that recipe was to use garlic powder instead of garlic salt (simply because that is what I had). Plus, as I always do, I just eyeballed the measurements. I think I went a bit stronger on the cheese and a bit less on the garlic.

On a scale of 1 (uck) to 5 (awesome-ness!) I would rate this dish a 5. I loved it, my kids loved it, and it turned us all into asparagus fans.

Parmesan Asparagus
10 pieces of asparagus
4 t. EVOO
1+ T Parmesan cheese, grated
1/8 t. garlic powder

(1) Brush asparagus with EVOO.
(2) Bake at 400 for 6 minutes, roll them over, and bake for 6 more minutes or until tender.
(3) Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and garlic powder. Enjoy!

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