Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thinkin' Cap Thursday - Other People's Passions

Today I was going to listen to an iTunes lecture or research something online and write about all my new-found knowledge.

Life dropped a happy surprise in my lap tonight though. Adam and a student of his flew in to Port Angeles for a cross-country trip. So the kids and I got in the car and drove out to meet them. We got to see the helicopter come in for landing, which as you probably can imagine, was the highlight of the day for the kids (and if we're being honest, for me too). We then drove them back to our house for them to have a break and to figure out their flight plan back.

Watching Adam teach his student was amazing. I LOVE watching other people doing things they are passionate about. Watching Adam you could see he was doing something he was good at, and something he really enjoyed. It made me want to be a fly on the wall and watch him teaching more often.

There is something incredibly intruiging and exciting about watching other people do something they are good at or passionate about. You see them in a new light. Its almost, to me, like you see them in their true form. They are the person they are meant to be. They SHINE.

I hope others can look at me when I'm doing the things I do best. I hope they can see me shine and appreciate that in me, and say, "Wow...that is what she is meant to do!"

Anyhow, its late and I'm tired and I'm not totally sure this post makes sense... but just some thoughts to ponder on this Thinkin' Cap Thursday.

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